How to build an experience map

Experience Map on ‘Proving your identity’. Photo taken half way through process.

Why build an experience map?

  • Identify projects and build a road map of work
  • Identify opportunities for innovation
  • Understand where the user experience is currently being well supported

Carrying out the research

A typical question in user research
  • Ethnographic research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Guerilla research

Analysing the research

Example notes + analysis of someone buying a washing machine

Grouping the behaviours and feelings

What people are doing and feeling when they pay for an item

Prioritising the behaviours and feelings

Ordering objectives

Mapping the business

Good and bad attributes of the business in relation to the map

Mapping the competition

Adding the beliefs

Presenting the map to the business.

Identifying opportunities.

Creating a roadmap of work



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