Making Product Decisions in Bets

  • Gather research questions that can help you focus your research
  • Encourage debate within the team
  • Position user research as a method to settle disagreements within the team
  • Make decision-making transparent

Capture questions, reckons + confidence

Ask everyone from the team what they want to learn from the user research during the project.

  • Write what they think the answers should be to their questions (Reckon)
  • Give a confidence score between 0–10 on their reckon (Confidence)

Note disagreements

After everyone has finished writing their questions, reckons and confidence scores ask them to present back to the group. This creates an opportunity to identify and group similar questions. If two questions arise with different reckons then mark it with a red post-it note (Disagreement).

Debate and agree on team confidence

After you mark all the conflicts, go through each of the questions again and give each one a confidence rating agreed by the team (Team Confidence).

Agree on methods to answer questions

In situations where there is disagreement acknowledge the difference in opinion and agree on a method for resolving the debate (Method).

Prioritise your questions

You now have a good understanding of questions that need to be answered, the hypotheses that need to be proven/disproven and where disagreement exists within the team.

Keep updating your confidence level

Increase or decrease your confidence level on reckons to questions as you gather evidence during the course of your research. Naturally, your reckons will change over time depending on your research findings. If you start getting to an 8 or 9 confidence level you can start to shift your focus elsewhere. Good luck :)



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