Someone told me that building a product is a lot like gambling. You gather evidence to support your decisions but don’t know how a product will perform until people start to use it.

A team makes many important decisions when building a product. It’s common that members of the team will disagree on what those decisions should be.

As a user researcher, you need to expose these different opinions. This will help you:

  • Gather hypotheses that you can prove or disprove
  • Gather research questions that can help you focus your research
  • Encourage debate within the team
  • Position user research as…


An experience map shows the journey a customer has while experiencing a product or service. It also shows what competitors and your business are doing relative to this journey.

Mapping the experience from a customer perspective helps organisations identify strategic opportunities, customer pain-points and generate innovative projects.

Niall O'Connor

Senior Product Manager at Marshmallow

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